Osawatomie Fire and Miami County EMS will be available at many of the Jamboree’s activities for medical emergencies. They will be stationed in downtown Osawatomie for the middle of the day on Saturday and by the Adair Cabin for the concert in the evening.  Osawatomie Police will have a presence at the carnival, at the concert, and at all major activities throughout the Jamboree.

In the event of severe weather at the concert, an announcement will be made from the stage of what weather might be coming and give directions to shelter areas. Attendees should plan to head to the High School gymnasium or the O-Zone if announcements cannot be heard.

In the case of emergencies of concerns, Jamboree Committee Staff will be wearing EVENT STAFF badges should you need assistance of any kind. Also, Committee Staff will be at all Jamboree events and at the concert will be in the concession tent at the east side of the concert area, to assist with information and concerns.